• Young Roma Civic Advocates meet in Prague!
    10 Roma Young people meet in Prague for a 3 days training with Transition Online, on the role of social media in communicating Roma related work! The youngsters are part of ERGO Network’s project Roma Civic Advocates, which is a project that offers innovative, hands-on solutions to find mechanisms for genuine civic participation of Roma and for enhancing public debate on Roma citizenship, contributing to the overall EU policy process.
  • Roma Dignity
    The Roma Dignity Pledge declares that Roma in Europe should be treated with respect, fairness, justice and equality. Equal citizenship for all Roma can only be achieved by eliminating and condemning verbal and physical attacks and discrimination against Roma. Roma need to be listened to, to be included, to be empowered so that Roma can have a sense of pride and self-respect.
  • Roma Summit: Going further
    RomaReact-ors pledge on disseminating and analyzing the main messages and speakers during the 2014 Roma Summit. Read on Romarect about the second panel: Making EU funding reach the local and regional authorities to support Roma integration.
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Should Canada welcome Roma from Europe?
   YES as Europe cannot handle the discrimination Roma face.
   NO because their governments should sort them out.