• RomaReact 2014 Contest: Me, My wall, Our Future!
    ERGO Network calls for you, young Roma, to take action, denounce and share with RomaReact.org the walls that you face in society impeding you to become equal citizens!
  • Negotiating Identities - A Training Seminar On Minority Issues For Leaders Of Jewish, Armenian And Roma Backgrounds
    ERGO Network is glad to open the call for 7 young Roma activists (18 – 30 years old) for the training Seminar on Minority Issues. The Seminar will gather together 40 young Leaders of Jewish, Armenian and Roma Backgrounds in Tsiblisi – Georgia from October 21st to 26th 2014.
  • EU is killing the Romani Movement
    What are the chances that EU together with the member states does not really strengthen the improvement of Romani movement with the only reason because they are afraid? Is this another contemporary genocide against the Roma?
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Should Canada welcome Roma from Europe?
   YES as Europe cannot handle the discrimination Roma face.
   NO because their governments should sort them out.