• Young Roma Civic Advocates meet in Poland!
    Roma and non-Roma from all over Europe came to Krakow at the 70th anniversary of Roma genocide to commemorate the honor of Roma people who died during the Nazi regime. This event is organized by TernYpe - International Roma Youth Network. Around 1000 participants came to the event which be lasting until the 3rd of August, 2014.
  • The Opening Ceremony Of Roma Genocide Remembrance In Krakow 2014
    “This is not the end, this is the beginning because the future is yours and we will write together the history!” said Lina P apamichalopoulou from the European Commission.
  • EU is killing the Romani Movement
    What are the chances that EU together with the member states does not really strengthen the improvement of Romani movement with the only reason because they are afraid? Is this another contemporary genocide against the Roma?
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Should Canada welcome Roma from Europe?
   YES as Europe cannot handle the discrimination Roma face.
   NO because their governments should sort them out.